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The forgotten art of fun. A childhood is incomplete without it.


Throughout their playtime, children can tap into their creativity and imagination.


Bringing into motion the results of creative play, and letting this show, in what is made.

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Our Commitment

KidzUnplugged commits to impacting children, parents and community organizations by providing a well balanced, creative, innovative and culturally enriched agenda where parents and children are both at ease.

Our Mission 

KidzUnplugged strives to encourage positive play opportunities for children to be children – happily and undisturbed. We strongly believe that each child deserves a childhood that they can remember; joyfully and in a carefree manner.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be effective in the deliverance of opportunities, that widely benefit the community in the best form possible. We aim to be a source of assistance and service for schools, nurseries, child care facilities, government entities and more & for the growth and betterment of the children in the community.

Our Values

  • Honesty
  • Respect
  • Integrity

Our Founder

Anisa is a 27 year old London-born passionate expat who’s dreams of becoming a teacher, came to life when she moved to the UAE (Abu Dhabi) back in 2011. Her career took her through many challenging and learning obstacles in which she navigated a new life abroad along with a new teaching skillset which involved teaching the English Language to children aged 4-5 years.

Anisa’s teaching journey took a decisive turn when Anisa decided to resign from her post in June 2017, and start up KidzUnplugged. Her inspiration she says, were her students. Each year, she felt that the young children in her class were becoming more and more addicted to technology that she didn’t understand why there wasn’t something drastic being done to change this. This is what sparked her to embark on this next important chapter of her life -KidzUnplugged.



The Beginning

As I sit down in the clinic in Abu Dhabi, waiting to see the Doctor for the sore throat I’ve been battling against, I take a look around.There aren’t many people in the waiting room. Just an older couple; the man impatiently drumming his feet and his woman who is anxiously looking at what catches …


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