When people hear the name, I normally have to repeat it using the actions of a plug being ‘unplugged’. Then I hear the ‘ohh!’ expression. The name represents exactly what the concept again. We all understand and know that children nowadays are so connected and addicted to technology that they don’t even know it.


If you’re a parent, how many times have you had to hand your child a device whether it’s your own phone or their Ipads? It’s an easy settling device and more and more children are so in need of the devices that finding the balance has become hard.


These different screens are used as negotiation tools, ‘if you eat all your greens, you can play on the Ipad!’ Usually it works, but the damage is already done.


As technology further increases, in development, and accessibility, what kind of future will we have? Will our children be bright, creative, imaginative, independent, ambitious, thinkers, innovators and well-cultured? Or will they be lazy, dependant, unbothered, easily-controlled, unambitious, lack of self worth and unable to be productive?


To answer how they will be in their future, we have to give them the best tools during their childhood. We have to provide the lessons, the environment and the resources to build and nurture the kind of adults we want them to be.


KidzUnplugged provided a balance! A reminder of the simple things, the cost effective ideas and the creative ways children can just be children and play.

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