Six Tips To Encourage Kids To Become The Entrepreneurs Of The Future: 

“As we move onto what is predicted to be a tech-dominated future, how do we prepare our children to acquire the key skills they need to be creative, imaginative, innovative, while staying unique to their individualism? Well, worry not. KidzUnplugged has got you covered. We have six main tips to help your family encourage that young mind to become a future CEO.”


This Passionate Teacher is on a Noble Mission: Abu Dhabi World

“As an early years teacher, Anisa noticed that her students were becoming addicted to technology. Determined to do something about it and get them engaged again, she set up Kidz Unplugged. Writer Camille Hogg sits down with the energetic entrepreneur to discuss the importance of creativity, taking time out from devices and letting kids be kids.”


Here’s How to Involve Kids in the Holy Month: Abu Dhabi World 

“With shorter working and school hours during the holy month, Ramadan means that parents need to be a bit more creative about how to entertain the kids, particularly if you’re fasting yourself. But if you want to keep their brains active and keep them off the iPad, then help is at hand. Former early years teacher Anisa Ismail set up community platform KidzUnplugged to combat our addiction to tech and get kids inspired. Here are her top ten tips to helping your kids appreciate and enjoy the holy month in a more creative, technology-free and – most importantly – fun way.”

10 Steps to Reduce Your Child’s Screen-time in Ramadan and Still Enjoy It: Sail Magazine

“Kids nowadays are more connected to their screens than ever before. It can be easy to just allow them more screen-time in Ramadan to have a peace of mind. Below are some steps to help reduce that screen-time and still make the most of Ramadan’s spirituality.”