Kidz Unplugged Toy Factory Workshop

WHAT IS ‘The Toy Factory’?

Studies have shown that children are more than capable of determining their own methods and forms of play without little or no adult initiation. So when we take them to the toy store, to buy a new, shining toy for them, the excitement is not always long lasting, and pretty soon, that toy is no longer of any interest to them.


The Toy Factory Workshop is designed specifically for children aged 3-8 years old, to imagine, design, and create, their own toys, whatever it may be. The resources and tools used in this workshop are everyday recyclable or reusable objects.  Children can look through inspiration of other toys they’ve played with and decide on what they’d like to create or they can completely come up with their own unique toy or game. There is no time constraint and they can take their time to complete the toy.

WHY SHOULD MY CHILD JOIN A “Toy Factory Workshop”?

The reason is pretty simple; your child can have a chance to be creative, artistic and innovative whilst ‘playing’. It’s also cost effective in the long run; if your child is content in making their own toys, that just means less trips to the toy store for you. Most importantly, this is a chance for your child to tap into their cognitive and creative brain area, thus developing it further.

The Toy Factory is a chance to open a door of creativity, imagination, innovation and pure happiness and joy for all children who have the chance to take part.


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