About The Workshops

Our workshops/ programs are built not only to disconnect kids / parents from technology; they are built to enhance the connection of the kid with his creativity. 

The collaborative creative workshops develop not only their mind but also their social skills. Our peace education philosophy where “all ideas are good” and empowers kids to think and share their ideas freely which is a huge factor in building their outgoing characters.

The Toy Factory

The toy factory is as fun as it sounds. This workshop encourages kids to think out of the box and work in teams. We tackle the creative part of the brain as well as the social and communication skills. 

One of the great advantages of this workshop is the location flexibility as it can be conducted in school class, in the park or even at home with your kids.

There are selected challenges and they are divided according to age group. All these challenges are studied to add value to your kid’s growth.


The Unplugged Zone

The unplugged zone workshop is targeting to parents. It's a complete guide on how balancing kids activities and hobbies will affect their growth. By sharing the cases of how kids grow under the effect of excessive use of technology and dependency on it.. and sharing some of the interesting cases on how being unplugged helps their growth.

In this workshop you'll learn on the advantages and disadvantages of technology and how to use it in a better way. As well as a guide on how to handle kids and divert their dependency on devices and TV.

Let's work together!

We are always eager to work with families and schools