A digital detox guide on raising children in a technology addicted world


It's very apparent now, everywhere we look, there is a form of technology grabbing our child's attention. In the form of an IPad with the newest application or a new IPhone with an updated App Store, filled with the newest games. Then there's social media, with young children able to have easy access, to a world of follows, likes and comments they aren't mentally ready for.

This is changing their behaviours, causing family disputes and exposing children to too much, so young. So how do we handle this? 



- Break down the effects that excessive use of electronic devices and screen time can have on your child

- Help you understand the good, bad and ugly effects of technology on your child.

- Highlight the factors that most affect young children and their development and the signs of addictive screen behaviour

- Equip you and your family with solutions to decrease screen time for your child

- Show you how to gain control of your child's choice of play and activity online, to create a safe and positive home environment.

- Share important tools on how you can bring up healthy, well-balanced and positive socially developed children.

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