About Anisa

About KidzUnplugged Founder

Anisa Ismail

Anisa is the Creative Director and Founder of KidzUnplugged. The company aims to conduct and provide awareness workshops and programs for children, parents, nannies, teachers, carers etc on the best forms of play for a young child (2-8 years old) that is technology-free. Anisa believes in the importance of impacting a child’s life through social interactions, as well as encouraging independence, creativity, innovative thinking and the arts. She believes that such experiences have a long-lasting positive effect on a child’s growth, development, and self-confidence.


Anisa is 27 years-old, London-born passionate expat who’s dreams of becoming a teacher, came to life when she moved to Abu Dhabi, UAE in 2011. Her career took her through many challenging and learning obstacles in which she navigated a new life abroad along with a new teaching skillset which involved teaching the English Language to children aged 4-5 years.


Anisa’s teaching journey took a decisive turn when Anisa decided to resign from her post in June 2017, and start up KidzUnplugged. Her inspiration she says, were her students. Each year, she felt that the young children in her class were becoming more and more addicted to technology that she didn’t understand why there wasn’t something drastic being done to change this. This is what sparked her to embark on this next important chapter of her life -KidzUnplugged.
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